Can a Free Autoresponder Service Still Deliver Professional Results?

There’s one basic, yet primary business tool that every internet marketer needs in order to be successful online – That’s an autoresponder!
When searching for an autoresponder,you obviously want service through a company that will be in business tomorrow. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of setting up campaigns and getting subscribers only to discover that the autoresponder company has gone belly up.

Using a free service is not the best choice, but it is an alternative for many people who are new to internet marketing or even those that might still be struggling to make money online.

Most of the free autoresponders available on the internet today have you at a disadvantage from the start. Mostly because you are limited with many of the features that might be offered. Obviously, this pertains to the limited number of lists that you can build, the total number of subscribers and even the number of follow-up emails that you can send out.

You have to remember, most free auto responder services are just like any type of membership site on the internet. You have different levels of membership and the free option will generally provide you with a minimal amount of features. The question is whether or not you can afford to limit yourself, as well as your online business needs?