How Do I Cancel My Account?

To cancel your account, simply click on the Account button at Log In and then click Cancel Subscription at the bottom of your account page. If the process was completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your account is now canceled. If you're having trouble with i-Autoresponder service, please try contacting us first. We'll do our best to help you out.

We value your participation in the i-Autoresponder community and we'd be sorry to see you go. Sometimes members think they need to close their account because they don't know how to solve a problem. Before you decide to close any of your accounts with i-Autoresponder, we'd like to help you solve any problem you might be having.


Before You Do!

We'd hate to see you go!  Were you having trouble finding something setting up your account?

Did you know that all you need to do to start seeing results is publish a sign up form to your website and get a few messages into your list?

Have you contacted our solutions team?

There are real, live people here standing by to help set up.  We take a very personal approach with our customers and would be glad to help you with any questions or issues you're having.

Need references?

We also offer step-by-step in your account area that is readily printable so that you can reference it as you get set up.

Still Want to Cancel?

Darn.  Still, we'd greatly appreciate your feedback on why you decided to, as it will help us to improve our service, something we're constantly working on. 

We'll certainly welcome your business again in the future, and would be happy to answer any questions about how you might best use our service for the meantime.