Common Spamming Mistakes

Sending unwanted email, even if you do so unintentionally, is still spamming. Here are a few common mistakes that can result in accidentally sending spam.

  1. You receive an unsolicited e-mail from Amanda, and retaliate by adding Amanda to your i-Autoresponder account: The e-mail that Amanda then receives from you is spam.

    Two wrongs don't make a right: just because someone spams you does not mean it is okay to spam them.
  2. You submit your i-Autoresponder email address to a Free For All link page along with your URL. The FFA page owner emails your i-Autoresponder address in order to confirm your submission.

    He now has added himself to your i-Autoresponder list. The e-mail that he then receives from you via i-Autoresponder is spam.
  3. You subscribe to a mailing list with your i-Autoresponder email address.

    This will add anyone who emails the mailing list to your i-Autoresponder list. Any email that the posters later receive from you via i-Autoresponder is spam.
  4. Subscribing to e-zines or newsletters with an i-Autoresponder e-mail address is spamming. This will add the e-zine's editors to the customer's i-Autoresponder leads list. Any e-mail the editors later receive from the customer via i-Autoresponder is spam.

Remember, your i-Autoresponder account must only be used to email people who are coming directly to you to request your specific information from you.