How i-Autoresponder protects you from sending spam

i-Autoresponder is a permission-based email-marketing tool that follows the strictest permission-based philosophies:

  • Communication- Your i-Autoresponder registration page already states why you are collecting the site visitor's email address, how you plan to use their address, and that you are following the embedded privacy policy. Additionally, by accepting our license agreement you have agreed to use only permission-based lists and never to sell or rent your lists.


  • Verification- i-Autoresponder automatically sends all of your new contacts an email confirming their interest in receiving emails from you. Additionally, if your contact changes his or her interests or unsubscribes, i-Autoresponder automatically sends an email confirmation.


  • Unsubscribe- Every email generated from i-Autoresponder contains an unsubscribe link which allows your contacts to opt-out of future emails and automatically updates your contact lists to avoid the chance of sending unwanted emails to visitors who have unsubscribed.


  • Identification- Your email header information is correct because it is pre-set for you by Constant Contact. Your email's "From" address is verified and already accurately identifies you as the sender.