Why to Inform Your ISP About Your Email Marketing Activities

Of course, you are not spamming anybody. Unfortunately, it is just as certain that you will be accused of doing it nevertheless now and then.

Usually, those who think you're a bad, bad spammer will not turn to you, but to your Internet service provider.

If the ISP does not know what you are doing and that it is legitimate, and if the number of complaints keeps rising with the number of subscribers to your newsletter, the ISP may eventually pull the plug.

Inform Your ISP About Your Email Marketing Activities

That's why it's a good idea to

  • inform your ISP early about your email marketing activities.

If they know you and your activities, chances are your ISP will defend you against those wrongly accusing you instead of disconnecting you.

If your current ISP does not agree with your email marketing activities, look for another one that does, and don't stop looking before you have found the perfect match.

Your Internet connection and the connection to your service provider both are crucial to your success.